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With the Easter just around the corner it may be tempting to get a cute, fuzzy chick or bunny. Before you commit to an consider local ordinances. The Hillcrest Patch area is made up of several communities with their own codes.

Highland Heights does not allow fowl except for several areas which have historically been farm land and still have very large lots. Be sure to call and check your exact location. Mayfield Heights allows residents up to two birds, while Mayfield Village does not allow any. Gates Mills, like Mayfield Heights, permits fowl, but does not place a specific limit on number. In all cases the birds must be cared for and not cause a nuisance or odor.

Rabbits can make great pets. They are less manitance than a dog and some cats, but require and lot more than a cage and a pellets. There are many informative guides to keeping pet rabbits. Search "pet rabbits" for different points of view, choosing a pet and helpful hints. All guides agree that as a species rabbits are quiet and not good for small children who like interactive play.

Before rushing out to buy a bunny, consider adopting and talking to owners, not pet shops about the temperament of you future pet. Nearby, the Geauga Humane Society occasionally has rabbits. Rescue groups are listed for Ohio and other states at Rabbit Rescue. Rescue Me has several bunnies in nearby areas like Cleveland Heights.

About this column: Critter Corner will focus on area animal shelters and rescue groups and the pets they have up for adoption.

source: patch.com

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